Blepharitis and Eye Twitch : How I got free


I was struggling with  eye twitch ( or bleparospasm)  for more than a year. For a long time ,I was not able to determine the root cause of my problem despite I have visited a lot of doctors. During my fight with the eye spasm I learnt that I had blepharitis. But l should  start from the beginning where I  will describe everything in detail how I got free from blepharitis and eye twitch. I visited many doctors , I spend a  lot of money but only a few things made the difference.

I do not use glasses and I never did. However my way of life is full of watching screens and monitor. I work in front of a computer more than 8 hours per day. Even in my free time I play  games on PC or on my mobile phone. As a result, I spend more than 10 hour per day in front of a monitor. This  includes the weekends as well. I have visited ophthalmologist through the past years and they confirmed I do not need any glasses.

Three years from now , my eye twitch started .In the beginning, I did not pay any attention as this have happened in the past , after one hour or one day max it always stopped. The spasm was very light and not bothering me at all .Over my left eye was the location of the spasm. However , it did not stopped. The days passed and the eye twitch was becoming a real  bother to me. Moreover my vision was starting to becoming worse . After a month of eye twitch I was struggling to view far away at letters and it was hard to drive. I was able to see far away but I had to focus really hard. I thought it is time for my first glasses.

So ,I visited my ophthalmologist . I performed the automatic test via a machine than scans your eye and calculates the values for the correct glasses . When my doctor saw the results he said something like ” This is definitely wrong”. Probably the values were so bad that it was not possible my vision to be worsen like that in a few years.

So, I tried the manual test with the letters . The result was completely strange to me. I did not need any glasses at all. When I focused my eyes I was able to recognize even the smallest letters. He said to me my eyes were tired and  I should not use the computers so much and use eye drops often during my work. He suggest to me try blinking eye more often as the  eye will be kept wet from tears and relax the eye. In the end , I asked the doctor for my eye twitching. He replied that it is not related to eyes and probably caused due to my anxiety.

The days were passing , I started using eye drop and tried to decrease time spending in front of the computer. But I as I said before decreasing it less than 8 hours was not possible due to my  work. After a month , there was not  any real progress. My eye twitch was worse , I had spasms on my right eye as well. My vision was tired , the drops helped a bit only . In general during the weekend with 0 hours in front of screens I was better but after a few hours at work  every Monday my eyes were tired  like hell. Especially every morning my eyes were very sensitive to light , I could not stand day at all without sunglasses and my eyes started a burning feeling. I was disappointed so thought I should visit other doctors.

Firstly ,I visited a neurologist for my eye twitches. After one visit , and a head MRI  ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging )   not issue was found. I was completely fine. He said to me my spasms probably were related to anxiety. In general , I am not a anxious person and whenever a doctor blames my anxiety I understand that the doctors do not know what to blame for my issue.

Secondly , I visited a second ophthalmologist and finally was able to determine that I had blepharitis . Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids that involves the edges of the eyelids and eyelash hair follicles. Blepharitis is a common and sometimes long-lasting condition that usual affects adults, but also can occur in children. People with skin conditions such as rosacea, seborrhea, oily skin, dandruff or dry eyes are more likely to get this condition. Blepharitis can be triggered by bacterial infections or by the eyelid glands making too much oil. In my case I have oily skin which increase blepharitis chance to appear.

He suggested treatment was to take antibiotics for 15 days and use eye drops as well .

Moreover he said to me to  perform the following “ritual” every day

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για blepharitis compress

  1. Soak a clean washcloth in hot water. Remove the water and let it cool for a while. Then apply the warm (not hot!) cloth to the affected eyelid. Re-soak the washcloth into the hot water once it is cooled. Then reapply again.
  2. Repeat this for 5 to 10 minutes, up to 5 times per day.

The purpose of warm compress is to soften the skin, oil and any margin debris (such as crusts) attached to the eyelids.

Also heat helps to improve circulation, thus allowing the oily secretions made by the meibomian glands to flow more freely.

Therefore, warmth helps to unplug any blocked glands and allow the oily secretions to flow more readily.

If you find the act of reheating the cloth too troublesome, a hard boiled egg can be used instead. Do not peel the egg shell through.

Shelled egg is able to retain heat much longer than cloth, thus reduces the number of times you needed to warm it up.

This treatment was one of the most boring things of my life. It helped me a bit especially in the morning but when I read on the internet blepharitis is chronic and I might have to do this treatment  all my life , I was so depressed and disappointed.

After 15 days  of serious treatment with antibiotics ,hot compresses and eye drops the progress was zero for my eye twitches . My eyes were a little better thought my hot burning was away and my red eyes  were less red in the morning. After a few hours at work everything was as like before.

For one more time I was disappointed . I went to an third ophthalmologist .For one more time , I did not need any glasses , my blepharitis was almost gone . The  doctor suggested  I should continue the rest of the treatments ( eye drops and hot compresses)    without  the antibiotics.

That time , I realized I have to fight on my own this supposed “cured” blepharitis and somehow treat the eye twitches. After three months of reading and experimenting on myself these are the results.

The cure  for blepharitis and blepharospasm is omega 3  oil and eye hygiene.

Omega-3 refers to a family of polyunsaturated fatty acids and is sometimes written as n-3 or w-3. This family includes alpha- linolenic acid, EPA, and DHA. Alpha-linolenic acid is a precursor of EPA and DHA. Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential part of our diet and can be found in foods like oil-rich fish, fish oil, nuts, plus fortified foods like eggs, bread and fruit juices.The omega 3 can easily be bought as a food supplement . There are a lot of options to buy it .I strongly suggest the following which I used. It it considered one of the best in the world Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple Strength 180 Caps . I used to take one cap every morning.

For eye hygiene i recommend a face cleaner which leaves my skin very hydrated and smooth. The price is very cheap, It is about 1/4 the price of most cleansers. More info on the following link : CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser, 12 Ounce . I just close my eyes and clean and massage the  eye area every morning for 30 seconds . I tested the cleaner and it was great also for my sensitive skin .I suggest  to remove the soap with water before opening your eyes even thought it does not burn the eyes.

The combination of face soap over my eyes and omega 3 oil supplement make feel better in 7 day. After one month I was free from my hidden blepharitis and my blepharospasm . After that I  was using regularly the soap  for three more months and the omega 3 supplements partially for a few days when my blepharospasm slightly appeared.

When all these was finished , my vision was as before. I was able to play games in my computer even after 8 hours of working in front of a monitor. I share my experience to help others facing similar problems.


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